Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How to copy PS2 games

In Order to copy PS2 games there are three main ingredients -

  1. Software to copy the game -> CopyThatGame

  2. I descent computer and the right media e.g. cd/dvd

  3. Modchip or Bootdisc for PS2 console

The first to decide is the software and for me Game Copy Pro is the best! When you buy Game Copy Pro you get all the stuff you need to make quality copies of your favourtie PS2 games , Game Copy Pro comes with detailed easy to follow instruction guides on how to backup and burn your Ps2 games. Not only does it copy ps2 games you can burn and backup Dreamcast, PS1, Wii, Xbox 360, PSP, Gameboy, Gamecube and even PC games. When you buy Game Copy Pro you also receive a bonus and get unlimited game, movie, music downloads.

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